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Some software programs allow you to automatically create pages

Not only do consumer product reviews have a long history of increasing sales, they can also make your site stand out from your competitors. If your site provides the consumer with the answers they need, this builds their confidence in your product and increases your credibility. If you combine this with a competitive price, the chance of the customer making the purchase from you has increased substantially.

Make sure that your web pages have a professional design Your web pages have to look perfect. If necessary, hire a professional web designer. Don't use blinking text, funny animations or flashy banners on your page. Make sure that all links on your web site are intact. Don't use automatically created web pages. Some software programs allow you to automatically create pages that are "optimized" for a special keyword. These doorway pages don't work anymore on search engines.

In addition, human web surfers are turned away by that kind of pages. While doorway pages might look attractive to software programs, web surfers usually hate them. Automatically created doorway pages usually look ugly to human web surfers. Often, they consist of nothing more than a list of buzz-words. You won't get good results with this method because human web surfers will quickly close such a web page.

Effective ContentContent is the most important aspect of a web site. Effective content draws visitors in, speaks to their problems, and resonates with them on an emotional level. Most web sites are terrible at this – they are designed from the perspective of “all about us”, when the appropriate style is “what’s in it for you”.

Gather Information and Respond Quickly Perhaps the most important tactic agents can use to keep the dialogue alive is to respond to the prospect quickly. Doing that requires that the prospects provide some contact information at your Web site, and that the information gets immediately emailed to you. Therefore, it's important to include data-capture points throughout your Web site. I recommend prompting visitors to provide only as much information as you need for a follow-up call: Name, ZIP code, email address and phone number, for example.

Asking for more information than that, such as street address and personal data, call intimidate prospects and is usually best saved for later in the sales or application process While most consumers have been conditioned to expect slow responses -or none at a1l- from companies they contact on the Web, the Internet's potential for instant communication between agent and client is a fantastic selling tool. Agents who respond to Web inquiries immediately have a much higher conversion rate than agents who wait even a couple of days.

Killer headlines will grab your visitors attention Nobody will read your entire page. Make it easier for your customers by dividing your page into paragraphs where each paragraph has a headline. Your headlines should make clear what to expect in the next sentences and they should grab your visitors' attention.

Using Your Site as an Online Brochure If you are able to follow up right away, not only will you wow your prospect, you also will be able to use your Web site as a real-time discussion guide. Walk the prospect through the key pages of your site and use your online information to help answer their questions. Even better, if your site offers an online application and your prospect is ready to buy, walk him or her through the insurance application. Doing so offers several benefits:

•ConvenienceThe client doesn't have to wait for a personal visit from the agent, or for forms to arrive in the mail, to apply.

•AccuracyBecause the form is automated - and you're there to answer questions - online applications tend to yield cleaner data and require Foam Profiles Manufacturers less follow-up than paper forms.

•SpeedThe application can be forwarded electronically from agent to carrier, so the policy can be under- written faster.

•CostTransferring documents online eliminates the need to pay for postage and mailing.

Once your Web site is functioning as an online brochure, keeping it up-to- date can create significant cost savings, eliminating the need for printing and mailing hard-copy marketing materials year after year.

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